Gutturnio sparkling special glass

Protected Designation of Origin


Type: sparkling Gutturnio
Location: Bacedasco Basso, municipality of Vernasca (PC), Italy, 200-250 m.a.s.l.
Grape variety: 55% Barbera + 45% Croatina
Vine training: Guyot and Cordon methods
Soil: clay
Sunlight: East-West
Harvesting: mechanical
ABV: 12%
Winemaking: destemming and light crushing of the grapes; fermentation at controlled temperature with selected yeast in stainless steel tanks (fermentini) for 4-5 days
Refining: approximately five months in stainless steel and cement tanks; re-fermentation in autoclave at 18°C / 65°F
Color: brilliant ruby red with flashes of purple
Aroma: lively, plenty of fruit
Taste: well balanced, fresh, sapid, delightfully sparkling
Pairing: Piacenza typical food, such as cured meat (coppa, salame, pancetta), gnocco fritto, semi-hard and semi-soft cheese, pork ribs, roast meat
Best served at: 16-18°C / 60-65°F

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