Love of vineyards and advanced technologies:
The Villa Rosa wines are crafted to the perfect combination of expertise and innovation.
A harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary.
The powerful result of constant, dedicated work.
Discover the history of Leonardo's vineyard which was rebuilt in Milan thanks to our company
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Our wines

Both for personal and professional use, our wines are thought to meet all tastes and needs. Explore our full selection by clicking on the pictures. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact us. Our aim is to help you make the best choice.

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Sweet Bonarda

Dry Bonarda

Sparkling Gutturnio

Gutturnio Riserva

Ervin 18 4.0

Still Gutturnion Superiore

Still Sauvignon



Sweet Malvasia

Sparkling Gutturnio

Sparkling Ortrugo

Dry Malvasia


Wine Spumante Pinot Brut

dry Grappa

soft Grappa

Other products

Bag-in-Box (White)

Bag-in-Box (Red)


Villa Rosa wines are designed to maintain the best quality in all packs, including bottles, bag-in-box containers and demijohns.

National home delivery and international shipping are available.



Established in 1954, Villa Rosa is a small winery run by the Illari family, now at its third generation of vintners.
Thanks to the enthusiastic dedication of all members, the business has constantly been searching and innovating, giving great care to ensuring that the latest techniques and the Colli Piacentini traditions are respected through every step of production.
The vineyards extend over 42 acres of land, hosting crops that are grown according to the Guyot and Cordon training methods, in order to achieve top quality vintage.
The valley is located at the very heart of the well-renowned villages of Vigoleno, Castell’Arquato and Grazzano Visconti, which offer great culinary specialties, beautiful medieval castles and breathtaking panoramic views.


Third-generation vintner Andrea is now carrying out the whole production process, from farming – following an integrated pest approach that minimizes the use of anti-parasitics and chemical fertilizers – to wine-making, bottling, and home delivery.


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